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David Wade Harris

Master Engraver

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David Wade Harris has been a Texas Gun Engraver, full time, since 1985. Harris learned the art of engraving from master engraver Weldon Bledsoe and he learned from Texas Gun Engraver Cole Agee. He is not limited to only engraving guns but dwharris engraves anything that is made of metal; knife engraving, custom car parts engrave very nicely, David has engraved motorcyle parts, and from time to time Mr. Harris has engraved musical instruments and Rolex watches, but firearms engraving is his specialty.

Please see the photos of engraved Revolvers, Semi Auto Pistols, Bolt Action Rifles and Floor Plates, Shotguns, and several pages of photos of engraving on Lever Action Rifles and Single Action Revolvers. Davids' engraving reflects the great gun engravers of the mid to late 1800’s, such as L.D. Nimschke, and Cuno Helfritch. David is most noted for carrying on the tradetion of engraving the Cattlebrands as did his mentors. Most people find his prices very reasonable. Pricing depends not on the material to be engraved, whether stainless steel, brass, blue steel, etc., but on the amount of detail, background, and coverage.Be sure to see the price page in my site map.

In addition to gun engraving I offer refinishing, in Nickel plating, gold plating and blueing. A art work done by Texas Gun Engraver David Wade Harris is orginal and signed.

the tools of Texas Cattlebrand gun engraver dwharris

All art work by Texas Gun Engraver David Wade Harris is still done by hand. Gun, knife and Firearm engraving completed with a hammer and chisel. David is one of the few Gun engravers that still engraves the old fashion way!

Texas Cattlebrand gun engraver David Wade Harris at work

dwharris in his lone work setting as he engraves a Texas Cattle-brand motif on a Colt Buntline Single Action

up close picture of gun engraver David Wade Harris

David Wade Harris still hand makes his main engraving tools the way he was taught by Mr.Weldon Bledsoe

uunique picture of gun engraver drawing

Each hand engraved firearm by dwharris is a unique piece of artwork that all begins with drawing.

David Wade Harris early 1980's and now 2015 photos. Thirty years of trust worthy experience.

I hope you enjoy looking though my website. There are alot of photos of my work.

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